Wax Melts Coming Soon

Be on the look out for new wax melts coming soon to www.redbarncandles.com as well as to our farm stand store. Wax melts are great for those that prefer to scent their home through a flameless option. You can use them in electric wax warmers or if you prefer, votive warmers.

Another benefit of wax melts is scent control. You are completely in control of the amount of scent that you add to your home by the amount of wax melt that you add to your warmer. Break off a piece or break off a few. It’s up to you.

Wax melts coming soon! Pictured are Christmas Tree Farm and Apple Picking.

Our starting line up of wax melts will include Christmas Tree Farm, a lovely fragrant fraser fur, pine scent; Apple Picking which is an amazing fresh, red apple scent as well as Berry Vanilla which is a blend of juicy, ripe black raspberries and vanilla.

We expect the melts to be available in the coming weeks so check back soon and often!

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